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Apr. 20th, 2006 02:39 pm
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One of my best friends moved to Alaska in August, and over the last few months I've had some strange errors when I try to call her. Two days ago I hit enough errors in a row that were SO CLEARLY weird that I decided to send an email to GCI, the main service provider in Anchorage, to find out what's up. The errors were things like:

* Dial her work number; am told in a twangy unfamiliar operator-voice, "We're sorry, you must now dial 1 before the area code when making local calls." Um. Anchorage, last I checked, was not a local call, and I did dial a 1. Dial again; managed to connect, with extremely poor audio.

* Dial her home number; an answering machine with an extremely bad connection. Later, dial it again and am told, "We're sorry, that number has been disconnected." Dial a third time immediately and again, the answering machine picks up with an extremely bad connection.

I should note that my phone keeps the number you have just dialed on display, so I can tell when I have or haven't dialed a wrong number.

Anyway, I've been playing email tag with GCI Dudes about this. Last night he called and said, hey, this is GCI Dude, if you could send us a test call to figure out what's up, just hanging up after it's rung a few times, we'd appreciate it. Today he emails me and says, could you make that test call? and I say, I did, at around 8:30 your time, and he says, Well, we have a call at that time from this number: 954-xxx-xxxx. That area code is in ... uh ... Broward County, FL.

I'm going to make another test call tonight just to see if the error is consistent, but right now I am really stumped. Has anyone else heard of a problem like this one with the switchboards? I've had occasional "wrong number" errors with other outgoing calls where I am pretty sure the "wrong" wasn't on my end, but never with the frequency of these Alaska attempts. At first I was annoyed but now I'm just really curious.


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