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Nobody does cynicism quite like Fafblog.
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Okay, so I am totally thrilled about the presidential results. I have to get that out there. This victory was all the more wonderful for its unsurprisingness. I could have gone to bed at eleven but I couldn't bring myself to do it.

But the night wasn't all victories. It looks like Prop 8 is going to pass in California. I don't want my frustration about this to be lost in the joy today. I remember two years ago when the anti-union amendment passed in Wisconsin and part of the reason it was so awful was that none of my friends seemed to understand that even though the Democrats had won in Congress, I lost.

I want to state publicly: the success of these amendments does not protect my marriage; it makes me feel less secure in it. When other people get to set boundaries on who we can and cannot love, we are all diminished in power and possibility. I do not cherish the feeling that my marriage is a contingent thing, dependent for its existence on the consent of others. That's not the reality, of course. We would love each other even without the tax break. But government-sanctioned marriage is so entrenched in this culture that when they parade their ability to deny it to people for no good reason, I feel naked and vulnerable and small.

If Massachusetts has the right to go one way, California has the right to go the other (legally speaking). But make no mistake: California, you deeply, deeply suck, and I will hold this against you until you make a change.
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Andrew Sullivan on why marriage matters to him.

Saturday marked the fourth wedding anniversary for a number of gay couples out in Massachusetts. If any of them should find this: I hope your love has only grown stronger over the last four years.

And of course -- now California! I have been smiling all weekend, and it hasn't just been the graduation festivities.
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Gay marriage in Iowa??

It's a single judge's decision, nothing like a State Supremes decision, so it's just a wee bit too early to celebrate (though some people are rightfully jumping at the chance to marry). But Iowa! That's, like, right next door!

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] ukelele for the link.


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