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So I have noticed something funny: about 50% of the spam I get on a given day is ostensibly from Chase Bank. The details are different, but the point is always the same -- "we need to verify your data, blah blah blah." As it happens, I don't have an account there, so it's not like they're targeting me specifically. Does anyone else have this experience? Are Chase Bank customers known for being especially susceptible to phishing? Or is this some bizarre cosmic coincidence?

Or maybe it's about the big-ass data security breach that happened last summer that involved, among other institutions, JP Morgan Chase. If you assume that there are at least some Chase customers out there with a little knowledge of recent events and not a lot of internet experience, it could be a viable strategy. But why not Citicorp or MBNA? Why is it all-Chase, all the time?

(Hmm; come to think of it, Chase ate Bank One, where I used to have an account, many years ago. But they wouldn't have had an email address for me; so I still think it's proper to assume this is a wide, randomly-cast net.)
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Clarification about my poll:

1) When I said "scheduled time" I meant "time where you have to be in a particular place." So I would count all eight hours of a typical 9 to 5 job as scheduled time. I would also count travel time, your kid's Little League practice, weekly club meetings, etc. as scheduled time. Me, I have almost no scheduled time because nobody cares where I am as long as I get "enough" work done.

1a) I admire people who can schedule themselves and stick to the schedule, but this was not what I was thinking about when I wrote the question!

2) I probably should have included a question like, "How good is your mental/emotional state on a typical workday?" Oh well!

Still, I am glad to see that desired busyness varies as expected (now I just have to hope it's real variance and not an artifact of question interpretation ;) ).
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I am pretty sure this poll taps into something that actually varies in the population. If it doesn't vary, well then I guess I'll just feel stupid ;).

[Poll #697024]


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